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What My Students Say!

"Thank you Raquel, you were very helpful I really appreciate it and you are very knowledgeable and excellent trainer. I really recommend everyone who needs Safety and First Aid."
Ashley Hatt
"Excellent Trainer"
"I would highly recommend Compressions 4 you! I completed my training with Raquel today and she was extremely friendly and highly knowledgeable about the material. She doesn’t just list information off but she makes sure you understand and gives a more personal instruction. I feel more confident in my ability to provide first aid after having completed my lesson with her. I will be doing all of my re-certs with her as well! THANK YOU!"
Tom Rankin
"Highly Knowledgable"
"Very professional instruction with "real life" scenarios and skill training that make you a better 1st aider. I'll be back in 3 years to recertify."
Bob Moore
"I'll Be Back"